I Love the Road and the Road Loves Me…

Man, did I soaked today – twice.  I got drenched to the skin cycling 15k home from work, and then I changed and went out running at Le Cheile AC in Leixlip and got soaked again.  The washing machine’s growling with menace and I’m running out of space on the radiator!   The cycle home was a bit of an adventure though, the canal path pictured here just this morning, had turned into a mud bath just 8 hours later, and my fairly rugged hybrid bike tyres were churning it up beautifully, so that my hi-vis bright pink bike jacket lost a lot of its glow…

That’s Barry in the picture, a camera man for Get Off The Couch, the new TV programme by Athena Media on Setanta, that I’m presenting this September.   Barry and Rob from Athena turned up at my house at 0530 this morning to shadow me  heading into work on the bike.  The look on the lads faces when they arrived on my doorstep that early was classic.  I felt I needed to set up a coffee ‘drip’ before we could start doing anything.  lol… Breakfast news isn’t for everyone! It also amuses me to turn the camera on them every so often, so here’s Barry filming me, filming him, at a very early hour, on the banks of the Royal Canal.

I love hiking in the hills in the rain.  It doesn’t seem to bother me, which is weird because I really whinge about running in it.  Tonight was so different.  Driving off to Leixlip for my ‘Couch to 5K’ running session, I felt really miserable from ‘the inside looking out’.  But you know, once I got out into the rain, warmed up, and began to run – it all felt a lot easier and a lot better.  I was warm anyway!   I’m really indebted to the volunteers at the AC who turn up twice a week to see us through our paces – I’m also really grateful for the rest of the ‘Couch to 5k’ gang – because there’s nothing like shared pain to bond new friends.  Seriously, I don’t think I’d have gone out in that tonight, if I didn’t have company!

I’m really glad I went too.  Because for the first time in ages, I got that “I don’t want to stop running” vibe.  It happens infrequently at first, but I know the longer I keep running, the more frequent these good moments will be.  Moments when you suddenly feel your breathing and your body agrees a truce; when you realise you don’t want to stop running before you reach the next hill or sign, and when you suddenly realise you’re enjoying it.

Tonight was cold, dark, and the rain ran down the back of my jacket as I ran.  It was a tough session.  I found it difficult to breathe, I found running 3 mins in sequence was tougher than ever… but I kept up, I kept running, and the biggest suprise of all – I found I loved the road – and the road loved me.   🙂


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