Pushing Boundaries 

Carrauntoohil March 2013

Beautiful Carrauntoohil, County Kerry

Teena Gates has earned a reputation as a ‘Weightloss Warrior’ as she continues to battle against obesity and struggles to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle while caring for #Dad(93) and #GoogleDog.

Turned ‘adventurist’ after losing more than half her own bodyweight on a journey from morbid obesity to Everest Base Camp, in her book One Foot In Front Of The Other, Teena candidly explores the mental battle that ensues in both losing weight and ‘getting off the couch’ for the first time at 23 stone.

Today Teena continues to push her own personal boundaries as well as motivating some of the largest corporate teams in the country with her inspiring presentations.


The veteran broadcaster continues to climb mountains and travel on new adventures around the world.  She has kayaked white-water rapids on the Nile in Uganda, swum without a wet-suit in the icy Barents Sea between Norway and Russia; and camped on a frozen lake while hunting the Northern Lights by Husky Dog Sleigh.

Teena is encouraging a whole new generation to ‘walk their way back to fitness’  with her #GetActive campaign. She acknowledges that not everyone wants to climb a mountain; but she truly believes that we all have our mountains to climb, both in our personal and professional lives. How we prepare, plan and believe, is a measure of how we succeed.

What other people are saying

    • I watched a story being etched on a mountain in front of my own eyes, of how the will to achieve can make the impossible possible.  I looked at Teena’s fervour, flair, passion and conviction and knew I was looking at someone who had a goal and was going to achieve it, through the power of the mind, commitment, desire and the hunger to succeed.  Pat Falvey, Adventurer, Author, Film Producer.

    • The power of the mind and human spirit to overcome any obstacle, an astonishing story, book and person. A story that needs to be told. Ian Taylor (Ian Taylor Trekking)

    • What a remarkable story and what a remarkable lady. I can’t wait to see what other goals you take on from here. Tom

    • Every page of her book tells my own story. I can’t believe it. It’s like she’s sitting here beside me, feeling what I feel, and wishing what I wish. I’m going to make changes – from today. (FB Friend).

    • I climbed that mountain beside her, laughed when she laughed and cried when she cried. The red-dress will stay with me for a long time. Mary.


Climb Your Own Mountain

2010 – Training for Everest/Hope Expedition

Hi, I’m Teena Gates, and my big adventure started in Dublin on a hospital trolley. Ordered to lose weight after a health scare at 23 stone, I ended up losing half my own bodyweight and trekking to Everest Base camp, discovering along the way that we all have our mountains to climb. I found that preparation and hard work were the keys to success. As Head of News at the award winning 98FM Radio, I often wrote about obesity but I never related the words to myself. The stunning photo above by our expedition photographer, Hugh Chaloner, shows my descent from Island Peak in Nepal @ 20,305 ft.

 2011 – Training for the Alps & Chernobyl Children International

In 2011 I found myself heading to the Alps and to the Irish Sea, in separate challenges to raise money for Chernobyl Children International. ATI ‘Adventure Training Ireland’ helped me make the Irish Sea Crossing in a very tiny 21ft boat.

2012 – Concern’s First Tri-Adventure Challenge in Uganda

Mt Elgon

The Irish charity Concern saw me travel to Uganda in 2012 for a multi-trip adventure that saw us climb an extinct volcano at altitude before cycling 200k to kayak a grade 3 rapid on the mighty Nile.

Liffey Descent, Dublin, 2013


In 2013, ‘Extreme’ Presenter, White Water Kayaker and Former National Freestyle Champion, Kipper Maguire challenged me to join him in a gruelling 40k cycle followed by the Liffey Descent marathon kayak race in Dublin for LauraLynn, Ireland’s only childrens’ hospice.

Hunting #NorthernLights by Husky Dog Sled, 2014


2014 began with winter skills training in Scotland with Extreme Ireland – followed by an expedition to Norway to hunt the Northern Lights by Husky Dog sleigh.  The big challenge came in July, when I battled injury in time to climb Mount Elbrus in Russia with Pat Falvey Irish and Worldwide Adventures.

Summit Day, Mt Elbrus

Summit Day, Mt Elbrus

A few months later, I swapped ice for sun and found myself leading a ‘Travel Department’ team on a walking holiday in Spain, where we just couldn’t resist a hike to the top of Mulhacen, at 3.482 meters, the highest mountain of the Iberian Peninsula and, therefore, the Spanish mainland.

Topping Out in Spain

Topping Out in Spain

2014 was also the year where I struggled again with my weight and had to hit the diet sheets yet again with the introduction of my New Year’s Resolution #Fatburn2015.  My motto is to Dream, Dare and Do.  Put no limits on what you think you can achieve – if you want it, if you have the courage to go for it with no guarantee of success – if you have the plan to follow through – YOU CAN SUCCEED.  

 Teena rock

2016: I again lost my way and I found myself drowning in my ever increasing weight until in 2018, unable to ride my bike or climb my local Wicklow Hills, I made a New Year Resolution to return to the mountains. I had previously visited the DSPCA rescue shelter in Dublin to foster a Jack Russell to keep my 93-year-old dad company and ended up coming home with a five year old German Shepherd called Google! I thought I was rescuing Google, but I think in the end, she may have been rescuing me.

2019: This year has started with a blast, losing ten percent of my bodyweight, or 2.5 stone in two months, and getting evermore active in the hills with Google. The high-points have yet to come.


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