wicklow hills

Slap and Scratch…

I’ve decided to enable comments on this website – partly because of all the great advice I’ve been getting on Facebook today on how to avoid ‘Urticaria’ – or hives – or alergic reactions to bites!!!  I’m just emerging from a nasty two-day bout of swollen joints and itchy skin, after being eaten alive by midges, while camping out in the Wicklow mountains at the weekend.   Yuck..

I’d never heard of ‘Urticaria’ before – and I hadn’t experienced it before either.  I have never been affected by bites or stings; and I am only now learning that I have lived a charmed existance.   I’ve been reading about some horror stories from my friends on FB who have suffered, or know people who have suffered with the condition in a chronic way.   My doc said it shouldn’t happen to me again, if I take all my medications and take proper precautions in future. I hope he’s right.

Although I had insect repellent in the house, I had never before bothered to use it.  MISTAKE.  I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll be sprayed within an inch of my life the next time I’m in the hills, and I’ll have one of those mosquito net things for my face and head.  Some great hints on Facebook include a bug-zapping bracelet that apparently works very well – and Citronella spray or cream that is a natural product that keeps the little nasties away.

On training, I had a great burst of effort at the weekend, climbing hills with a heavy pack, setting up camp and really pushing the envelope.   Then I hiked back down to sea-level and dashed off to Cork for a bit of Rn’R, before dashing back to Dublin for the Cork V Galway match –  I was supporting Cork 🙁

I suffered an enforced break on Monday and Tuesday though.  I did try throwing a few weights about, but my joints were too sore from this ‘bug’ thing.  Feeling a good bit better today though, so I should be back in the gym tomorrow.   Planning to squat with about 40kgs on the bar – maybe 50.   Will let you know tomorrow.  x



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