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To Train – Removes the Question

Gym Guru Dave Dunne

To Train or Not to Train?   I suppose that’s the question that leads to damnation?  and I suppose the only way to get back on the horse is just do it!

The combination of a sprained wrist, a tummy bug and a broken bike saw me slack off training for the last couple of days.  Monday I was just too sick and my wrist couldn’t hold weight, Tuesday wasn’t much better, so the body demanded – and got – a couple of ‘rest’ days, with cancelled gym sessions, cancelled kayaking and cancelled biking in and out to work.   BUT… the rot continued yesterday, when visiting friends and sheer laziness combined to see me cancelling rock-climbing and yoga.

ENOUGH.  The sun is out, and I hate going to the gym when it’s bright and shiny outside – but gym it is, and then I’m back on the river for kayaking lesson number 5 tonight with the gang from Wild Water Kayak Club.   I’m refusing to let myself think of all the reasons why I don’t want to go to the gym… and I’ll let you know how I feel afterwards, when I know I’ll be thrilled that I went.

Onwards and upwards, one foot in front of the other….  etc.

Bike woes!

 July  3rd 2012

I cycled into work and back again today – that’s a 30k round trip in the rain, so I think I deserve a halo, or a medal at least!

But look – I’ve got a problem; the carrier’s bust on my lovely new lean, mean, fighting machine…  and I don’t think it’s just a nut I need.  I tried doing things with screws and screwdrivers, but can’t seem to find the right hole.  Have a suspicion that the existing screw has shorn off.  Hmmmm.  Gonna have to find a bike-doctor, and I really don’t have time… I hope I’ll be able to cycle in with this tomorrow…  and is that rust on the chain? couldn’t be, they don’t rust, do they?


David Dunne is my personal trainer at Ben Dunne Gym – no relation!  He first came to my aid when I was training for Everest and he’s been helping me ever since.   I probably know how to put together a decent weights programme on my own by now, but it’s great to have access to Dave’s knowledge, and I think walking in to an ‘unpredictable’ workout planned by someone else, helps keep my muscles and mind active.  But the downside is that there’s no gain without pain – and this evening, he inflicted it in bagloads… whew. One thing is certain; I’ll sleep well tonight!


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