Simply Awesome Dad…

The guy on the desk at Awesome Walls in Finglas, looked rather bemused.  It’s a fabulous facility; one of the largest climbing walls I’ve seen, and despite my cold, I was looking forward to meeting my mate Stephen and tying onto a rope.  The chap’s confusion came from his polite appraisal of my 87 year old dad who was standing beside me in a day suit with a crisp shirt and tie and crombie overcoat.  I couldn’t resist playing along: “I’ve got my own gear” I said, before adding “But I’ll need to rent a harness for dad”.  A couple of minutes later, dad was safely parked on a sofa holding a mug of steaming coffee, the attendant looking relieved, while Steve and me roped up and started climbing up the walls.  Ha ha – a fitting break from the turkey excess.

I quickly realised how much my chesty cold has drained me.  I normally fly up the ‘4+’ routes, but today, everything I tried felt awkward and tough.  It clearly wasn’t the wall, it was me.  In a way, there was a kind of relief to see my lack of physical strength on the wall, it confirmed why I was feeling so rough the last few days.  You kind’ve ignore a bad cold, but my muscles were clearly telling me I’m under pressure right now.

Earlier in the day I’d taken my first session back in the gym and I thought I would die!  There was a group of 8 of us training with gym guru David Dunne at the Westpoint Gym in Blanchardstown.  We did an hour of mixed weights and aerobic circuits, and while we were all groaning for mercy at the end, I definately felt I had zero fitness, and my chest was heaving.

Some part of me did admit that I probably shouldn’t have gone sea swimming yesterday, but it’s sometimes difficult to know if you just feel lazy or really are too sick to do stuff.   Dad and the suit and crombie looked well on Malahide beach too – although he thought I was nutz, and probably I should have listened to him.

Well I’m not giving up.  I’ve spent 2 weeks nursing this cold, and I’m not locking myself away in the house again for more.  I’m back in the gym tomorrow morning and I’ve got a gym and swim treat with a friend tomorrow afternoon.  I’ll keep exercising, but won’t push too hard, and hopefully the cough will go soon and I’ll get my strength back.  It’s most annoying being on holiday and being sick!  🙁




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