Dip In The Nip 2014

paintingRings and Roundabouts

Earlier this year a friend remarked that she was celebrating her 50th birthday by stepping up to the plate, and participating in all five of this year’s ‘Dip in The Nips’ for Irish Cancer Charities. Inspired by her bravery, I decided I’d also take the plunge, but because I had a very busy year of engagements that hadn’t been fully finalised, I registered for all of the swims in the hope that I would be free for at least one. That decision’s come home to roost this weekend and I’ve been told my ‘Dip in the Nip’ will be in Cork.

Baring is Daring

When I say my friend is brave, I really mean it. Because dropping your clothes to the ground and making your way into the ocean in front of lots of other people is a daunting experience – for me at least. I swim all-year-round at Malahide in Dublin, so it’s not the cold or the water that’s making me shiver in my flip-flops. It’s the thought of bearing my bits. I used to be 23 stone and I’m still overweight for my height, so I don’t have the best body image. The thought of putting it on display, gives me the creeps.

Still Apologising for my Curves

This is not the first time I’ve dropped my knickers for charity (in the best possible way). When I was fundraising for Concern in 2012, I agreed to pose for a nude art exhibition to raise money for the cause. It was all tastefully done and the eventual artwork that resulted from the session was pretty stunning. That’s a compliment to the artists, not to my lumps and bumps. You see I’m still apologising for my curves, even though I’ve come a long way when it comes to embracing them. The quirky thing, is that the art exhibition – my first dip into the world of the nude – was also in Cork – which I think is a bit of a coincidence. Or maybe I’m just a bit more free-spirited when I move outside The Pale!

The picture above is one of several completed for the ‘Nude’ exhibit at Gallery Frida, by artists: Andrea Cashell, Lora Murphy and Eileen Mc’Goldrick.

The Shining and the Strong

dipSo I’m back at full circle and taking my clothes off for charity again. Why am I doing it? Obviously it’s good to raise money for cancer charities; we have all felt Cancer’s chilling touch in some way. Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, Husbands, Daughters, Best friends; Cancer doesn’t discriminate

But like the other women, men and couples taking part, I also believe that I’m ringing a bell for all those survivors who have fought the brave fight and come out shining. Hair loss, operation scars, all beautiful trophies to having tackled the odds and won. Shining and strong and fair play to every one. That’s what I’ll be thinking of in the early hours of Sunday morning, when I bare my boobs and head to the water’s edge, thankful and proud to have legs that carry me, and lungs to breathe and eyes to see.

If you want to join in this wave of love and support – register for the next ‘Dip in the Nip’. Come and Skinny-Dip for loved ones, or for those you’ve lost, or for you. Whatever your reason, join thousands of others who have peeled off for the cause.  Or help me fundraise this weekend. You can make a donation of any amount on the PayPal button below.

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