My Budding Six Pack…

Out there in that cold, dark night, my Couch-to-5k awaits. I’m cold and sleepy, I don’t want to run, I ate my dinner too late, and I’m just realising that my knickers are pinching me.

Fortunately I believe in magic. I know that if I keep doing what I’m doing, pretty soon the nights will be bright, the runs easier, and my knickers falling off me!

Dreams really do come true.

So that’s what I posted on FB on Wednesday as my C25K entered its 3rd week – and from all the comments I received, I could tell I wasn’t the only one struggling with their New Year Resolutions.

Me and Le Chéile buddy Sharon Ashmore

Me and Le Chéile buddy Sharon Ashmore

I Believe In Magic
We’re into February and it’s tough. January was long and dark and cold. I’ve lost most of my ‘Christmas’ weight and I’m plugging away at the rest of the three stone that I’m determined to lose this year. I’m doing well, but each ounce is still a struggle.

I don’t think there has been a single second this week when I haven’t lusted after something calorific! I must have saliva stains on all my favourite clothes at this stage. I have craved everything from Cream Eggs to Hoola Hoops… and I don’t even like chocolate. Damnit, I’ve even craved broccoli! And no, I’m not pregnant!!

So it’s a good job I really DO believe in magic.

Dream, Dare, Do
Under my feet the earth is stirring. Snowdrops and crocus bursting into the cold sun and the hint of a bump on my rose bush where the new buds are waiting to leap into life. That’s magic, real magic, and I won’t ever take that for granted.

I know the same magic is working on me. My six-pack is coiled and ready to burst through that ‘extra layer of me’ and the marathon runner within is preparing to chew up my first full Parkrun 5k… I just have to be patient and follow the plan.

I began with a dream and dared to make it a reality. But hard work is the reality of doing. The diet, the exercise, the organising and planning. These are the building blocks of achievement. There is no glamour in preparation, but the dream lights the way.IMG_8667.PNG

There’s no tax on dreaming and my dreaming is saving me now. I’m dreaming of climbing Croagh Patrick this month, of mountains in Slovenia this June and a return to Africa in August. These are my goals, my challenges and my reward.

I’ve decided that I will be a runner this year.  I will do it because I want it badly enough and a series of colour coded stars that I’ve stuck on my wall planner at home, remind me that I’m making progress and why.

The world is getting ready for action… and so am I.

I just might need another bowl of broccoli…

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