I’ve Stopped Running Away From Running…

I can cycle, I can kayak, but I’m still having a problem running.Teena Fun Run

I wimped out a bit this year to be honest.  I did my Couch to 5k with LeCheile AC at the start of the year and finally got confident running 5k and started improving my times.  Then I missed a few sessions, and lost a bit of fitness.  So, instead of going back to get fit again, I told myself I’d get back running on my own first, get my fitness up again, and then go back.  Bad idea!

How many times do we do that?  sign up for a gym membership and don’t go, or put off going swimming until we’ve got a bikini body?  Or, if you’re dieting, do you skip a weigh-in, until you have a chance to get rid of a few sneaky pounds that went on unexpectedly.  I’ve been down this road before and ‘behind the scenes fixes’ NEVER work. Grrr…  you just keep sliding in the wrong direction, getting deeper into the red.

This time I’ve copped on to myself and I’m heading back to my running club on Wednesday to make use of my membership and get the encouragement of my peers. Ok, so I still hate running and think I’m rubbish at it.  But I am determined that one day I will wake up and think “I’d love to go for a run today”.  I’m convinced I can be that person….. and I’ll let you know when I get there!IMG_8786

I’ve got some extra motivation now too…    as you (hopefully) know I’m cycling and kayaking the Liffey Descent challenge with Kipper Maguire to raise funds and awareness for LauraLynn Childrens’ Hospice.  Sasta Fitness are kindly sponsoring my training boat ‘Sasta Sage’.  So I’ve got to be fit both for the charity, for the challenge, and for the sponsors who are putting their faith in me, and for everyone who’s already donated to our MyCharity page:  Click HERE.

…..and I’ve been made an Ambassador for the Killarney Adventure Race on October 5th, which has already introduced me to a whole new type of running since last weekend.   Adventure Racers get dirty! and they combine my passion for mountains and nature with the challenge of getting fit.  I was down in Killarney last weekend on a training day for the event and I was blown away.

I’ve been running on the flat over the last 12 months and had a bash at a few short-sprint Triathlons… and I’ve hiked mountains with a vengeance over the past 3 years.     Now I’ve suddenly found a way to combine both – and I think I might like it….

Which is another reason why I ran twice around Stephens’ Green on my lunch break today, and why I’m going back to my running class on Wednesday…  Don’t wish me luck – ‘cos luck doesn’t really make things happen.  Just don’t listen to me if I’m grumbling about running, on Twitter on Wednesday evening.  😉

Training Record:

Monday Aug 12th:  15k cycle in and out of work (total 30k) / 20 mins lunchtime running in Stephens’ Green / couple of lengths in the pool with dad 🙂

Tuesday Aug 13th: 15k cycle in and out of work (total 30k) / 45″ Gym session – S&C

Wednesday Aug 14th: 40″  running session (Fartlek) with Le Cheile AC






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