A Thorn in a G Cup #Couch2Christmas 

#Couch2Christmas with TV3’s Elaine Crowley

I’m just back from a shopping trip with new runners and leggings. Everyone knows if you look the part, the rest is easy…. isn’t it? Well the chap in the Nike discount store says my new multi coloured, ‘run free’ speed machines will ‘give me wings’. Look out parkrun, I’m on my way!

Joking aside, gear is an issue. It’s an issue that I’ve had a number of emails about in the last week. Mostly from ladies like myself who are carrying extra weight or lady curves. It does matter. The enlightened will tell you to get a good sports bra to support your breasts and eliminate chafing; and in my case to minimise the actual pain of my breasts juggling up and down as I run. Talk about a thorn in the side? I’ve got a thorn in a G cup.

It’s one thing wearing a sports bra, but it’s quite another trying to find one if you are larger than a D cup. I hear that Shock Absorber bras are good and I know Debenhams stock them, but they didn’t have my size in stock when I went shopping recently.  I might actually nip in and order one. On their website I saw a front-fastening zipped sports bra that would be my idea of heaven because with big boobs and short arms, I just can’t reach around the back to close them. It makes for great fun when you’re trying to change under a towel on the beach after a swim. It really is a case of ‘all hands on deck’…

Currently, I’m wearing a Lynx sports bra which I ordered online from the U.S. At around $60 + VAT + postage, they are a bit pricey for me, but I swear by them. No straps, no wires, no bounce. The bra is designed to support you from the sides. You pull it over your head and it hugs you tight without pinching or rubbing. I promise you ‘the girls’ don’t budge an inch and that makes running more comfortable.

I was feeling smug… but John had changed the game!

I hope that the extra comfort  translates into better results on the track. Elaine and I headed over to Le Cheile this week for our #Couch2Christmas coaching session with ‘the boss’ Irish Ultra runner John O’Regan and running coach and chef, Liam Tilly. Elaine was feeling sore from her ‘Strictly’ dance training the night before – and I was feeling smug.  We had our ‘homework’ from the last session and I felt I had given it welly.  I had walked and run for half an hour almost every day since last week and I was looking forward to showing how much fitter I was. But John changed the game! At last week’s track session we were walking for periods and running slowly for 10 minutes. This week we only had to run for 90 seconds, then walk for 90, then run for 90.  Then alternate for 60 seconds, then 30… aggh.  It may sound easy, but the pace was faster and after the second set, I was wondering how a minute could possibly feel so flipping long! I survived the session though and felt marvellous afterwards. That’s the point about this running business, I am determined that I will eventually become one of those people who ‘loves to run’ instead of someone who just ‘loves when the run is over’.

We were talking about the ‘feel good’ factor of running, on TV3’s Midday this week. The idea of just slipping on a pair of trainers (and a good bra!) opening the door and just running. I want that. I want the ability and all the benefits it brings. The physical benefits for my shape and fitness and the headspace it gives me to relax and celebrate just being me. By Christmas, Elaine and I will be running a 10k. You can too if you start now. How good will that feel? We are running our 10k for Aware and you can also join us in the Phoenix Park this December.  They opened their race registration this week on www.aware.ie.

Dr. Claire Hayes, Clinical Director with Aware was on the show with us recently and was really enthusiastic about our Aware_Christmas-Run_Online-banner-2015-700x280J#Couch2Christmas plan. “We are thrilled that TV3’s Midday team has decided to support Aware’s Christmas Run on Saturday December 12th this year.” she says. “The #Couch2Christmas idea is a really great initiative, especially at a time of year when hibernating and comfort eating may seem most attractive!” Dr Claire points out that the mutual support of colleagues and viewers as people get in some training for the event will be really helpful for all. “Exercise, being outdoors and setting goals are all key factors which can positively affect mental health and wellbeing.” she says, adding “We hope that viewers will take a leap of faith and sign up for the event and we can’t wait to welcome everyone over the finish line!”

If you want to get on board, you can register for the Christmas Run at www.aware.ie.  There are lots of resources to support your training.  Check us out on Thursdays on TV3’s Midday,  follow my training adventures here at www.teenagates.com, search for the hashtag #Couch2Christmas on Twitter, check out your local Fit4Life group or register free online for your local, weekly, 5k parkrun.

Thanks to John O’Regan for my #Couch2Christmas ‘homework’  this week.

  • MON:  10 min walk + 10 min run + 10 min walk
  • TUES: Track Day at Le Chéile Athletic Club, Leixlip
  • WEDS: Easy walking (Heart rate less than 150)
  • THURS: 10 min walk + 10 min run + 10 min walk
  • FRI: Rest or easy walking (Heart rate less than 150)
  • SAT: 5k parkrun (Walk and Run)
  • SUN: Run 20 mins (Heart rate less than 175)

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